Grapic Design

Graphic Design is about visual communications, it is about your company’s visual appeal. People are visual creatures, and the right, eye-catching graphics will create a positive feeling towards your brand and your business as a whole.

What is known as “graphic design” is, in essence, the selection and combination of visual elements such as images, symbols, typography, and colors to present a message to an audience. A graphic designer will understand your message and your audience to give a visual form to your ideas.

As part of our Marketing Solution, Sonic Business Solutions Graphic Design team will create and implement any form of visual communications that your business may need, whether web-based, printed, or electronic. We will use our expertise in the various aspects of a design – from photography to typography, animation, and web design – to create business collaterals such as business cards and letterheads, advertising and informational materials such as posters and flyers, branding materials such as a product logo or a full corporate identity, and “live” media such as videos and animation, among other products.

Additionally, we will work with you on interactive media projects (websites, apps, kiosks, presentations, etc.) to create the best user experience throughout interface design services.

Some of our products in web design, print design, corporate identity (branding), and typography include:

• Company Logos
• Business Cards
• Corporate Websites
• Brochures and Printed Material
• Consumer Packaging
• Billboards
• Newsletter Design
• Print Advertising
• Internet Advertising
• User Interfaces
• Presentations

We will work with you to understand your business’ unique needs to create the most appealing materials that will establish the perfect synergy between your company and its intended audience.

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