A traditional offering in the language business, Interpretation services have gained even more importance in today’s totally globalized world. Sonic Business Solutions interpretation services can help you make it through your next international meeting.

Our interpretation services are designed to provide our clients with a convenient and accurate way to allow them to take part in conversations, meetings, and presentations in languages other than their mother tongue. Interpreting services rely upon specialists who are natives or experts in a particular language and are able to convey the true message to the client to better understand the information. We believe that translation and interpretation services should be able to provide all the necessary information without pushing themselves to the forefront of the clients’ attention. In fact, language interpretation services need to be able to stay in the background of what is happening without losing their grip on what they propose to do.

Simultaneous Interpretation: Spoken interpreting and translating services provided simultaneously for large gatherings. Ideal for presentations, web and videoconferences, and meetings: from walking tours to international conferences, we can handle any event, any size!

Our full-service interpretation solutions include:
• Interpretation experts working in nearly any language imaginable;
• Full-service translation equipment: tabletop and full-size booths, FM and infrared receivers, FM transmitters, infrared solutions, and much more;
• Expert technicians: setup, oversee, and make sure your event runs smoothly;
• Project coordinators: a single contact handles your project from quote to invoice;
• Optional customer services reps available to deal with any questions your attendees may have.

Consecutive Interpretation: Spoken translation and interpretation services in which the interpreter waits for the end of the originating sentence or statement to deliver the interpretation. Consecutive interpretation is standard practice for depositions, trials, and other one-on-one meetings.

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