IT Assessments and Consulting

Information Technology projects share one common characteristic: they start with planning.  However, successful IT projects include one additional, critical task before the planning phase starts, which is to understand the organization’s current situation in view of its future needs so that it has the right tools to be able to plan its future actions effectively.

This pre-planning phase is known as IT Assessment, and Sonic Business Solutions can provide a comprehensive range of assessment and consulting services to help your organization to define a solid IT infrastructure strategy to support the future needs of your IT department.

During an IT Assessment project, Sonic Business Solutions ‘s consultants will work closely with your organization’s management and IT staff to evaluate your current infrastructure and workloads and understand your service level requirements to create a plan that will match your IT resources – present and future – to your business strategy in a cost-effective, efficient, and timely manner.

We offer a wide range of IT assessment services, including:

Infrastructure Assessment

• Network Configuration and Resources
• Security
• Backup
• Wireless Services

IT Organization Assessment

• Organizational Structure
• Training and Skills
• Managed Services

Communications Assessment

• Communications Resources
• Cloud Computing
• Remote Access

At Sonic Business Solutions, we believe that, with a precise snapshot of your IT organization in hands we can work with you to review and evaluate your current capacity in terms of infrastructure and personnel in view of your current and future needs. We will put our expertise to work to optimize your existing resources and define the path to increase productivity, reduce costs, and enhance your IT capacity to provide optimal service levels to achieve your business goals.

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