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Smartphone users worldwide will total more than 1.5 billion. Over 1 billion people already use mobile devices to access the web, and over half of the mobile audience will use the mobile internet next year, and apps surpass the mobile web, with approximately 86% of consumers’ time.

As consumers leave their desktops and laptops in favor of smartphones and tablets, it becomes increasingly important for organizations to develop apps for those mobile devices. Mobile application development has become a vital part of an organization’s strategy for branding, marketing, and sales.

However, mobile app development brings an entirely new set of issues for IT departments, which are used to building large, complex systems to process transactions. They require a new way of thinking, way beyond the idea that they are mere “miniatures” of existing systems, applications, and websites. Mobile app development requires a whole new set of skills and resources, and Sonic Business Solutions is ahead of the game in this matter.

Sonic Business Solutions offers leading edge mobile application development services for the Android, iOS, Blackberry and Windows Phone platforms, including the development of mobile websites. Our projects include interactive design, development, testing, and deployment of mobile apps:

• Custom mobile apps;
• Mobile business applications; and
• Mobile-specific websites.

Our apps incorporate broad range of functionalities including web services and social media integration, GPS/location services/maps, push messaging, streaming, ad serving, database synchronization, access to device sensors such as camera, accelerometer, scanners, light sensors, and data exchange data via Bluetooth or NFC.

Sonic Business Solutions ‘s analysts and developers will use our cutting-edge resources and work with you in all aspects of mobile app development, including user interface design, application architecture, testing, acceptance, deployment, and marketing, to create apps and mobile websites that will put your business right where it needs to be in the 21st century: out there!

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