SAP Localization

SAP systems are as global as any system could be: installed in numerous countries worldwide, it can be deployed in different languages. At Sonic Business Solutions, our SAP translation and localization experts have unique, in-depth knowledge of SAP infrastructure technology, translation tools, and methodologies. Our translators offer expertise in the different business functions covered by SAP systems and the terminology used in each function and language.

We offer tailored consulting and translation/localization packages to make your rollout a success!

Technical benefits:
• Management of the SAP translation project from beginning to end;
• System analysis and technical setup of the translation environment;
• Technical support and troubleshooting throughout the project;
• Selection and control of experienced SAP translators;
• Execution of the translation itself including quality assurance;
• Methods are employed to achieve significant time and cost savings; and
• Full project statistics and reporting – you are always in the picture.

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