Software and Video game Localization

In the globalized economy where software is developed in one country and sold worldwide, localization is a must. Companies localize software in order to overcome cultural barriers for their products to reach a much larger target audience.

Software localization is the process of adapting a software product to the linguistic, cultural, and technical requirements of a target market. It is more than just the translation of a product’s User Interface. At Sonic Business Solutions, we understand that the localization process is labor-intensive and often requires a significant amount of time from the development team, and we are here to help you with this process.

Our software localization process involves:
• Analyzing the material to identify the resources and tools needed to localize it;
• Assessing the cultural, linguistic, and technical aspects of the target region;
• Creating and maintaining a glossary of terminologies to be able to refer back to them if needed;
• Translating the materials into the target (region’s native) language;
• Resizing dialog boxes, forms, etc. according to the new format; that is, redesigning the user interface;
• Localizing graphics, scripts, and other media containing symbols, visible text etc.;
• Compilation of the localized code for testing;
• Quality checking, including inspection of the functional and linguistic parameters;
• Final acceptance and delivery.

Another service offered by Sonic Business Solutions is video game localization. Our comprehensive translation experience complements the game development process by providing practical localization solutions with skill and accuracy. We ensure your game is delivered on schedule to your target market, with the added benefits of cultural sensitivity and flawless representation of key game expressions and ideas.

Our objective is to help publishers and developers to enter new markets and maximize sales. The game localization services we offer are designed to help promote and sell your game in new markets.

We provide translation/localization of games on the following platforms:
• iOS and Android;
• Microsoft Windows;
• Sony PlayStation 3;
• Microsoft Xbox 360;
• Nintendo Wii;
• Mac;
• Solaris/Linux; and
• Other hand-held gaming devices.

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