Repackaging and Hand Assembly Services in Houston, Texas

Sonic Business Solutions has an experienced hand assembly line ready to serve you and complete your rework or repackaging project quickly and on-time. Our reputation has been built upon quick turnaround and meeting tight deadlines in fulfillment services, so if you have an immediate need for special or custom rework projects please call us immediately. We are set up to begin your packaging project tomorrow!

“Packaging Solutions for Every Product”

At Sonic Business Solutions, we are more than a packaging & hand assembly company. We provides custom crating, boxing and packing as well as damage prevention solutions in Houston, Texas.

Our capabilities include Bagging, Repackaging, Hand Assembly, Warehouse kitting, Repacking, Labeling, Blending, Cartooning, and much more.

Retail Packaging Service in Houston, Texas

Capping bottle, Assemble cap & septa, Nitrogen Purge and apply cap/septa combo to bottle, remove and replace Liner from cap, Assemble pumps and sprayers and other custom solutions. Sonic Business Solutions supplies plastic, glass, and metal containers, closures, and dispensing systems to customers of all types. Our business model is designed to make packaging easy for our customers.

Fastener Assembly Solutions in Houston, Texas

We specialize in assembling U-bolts, eye-bolts, anchor bolts, J-bolts, custom bolts in Houston, Texas. Other services include assembling hardware kits, anchors, bolts, nails, nuts, pins, clips, rivets, rods, screws, sockets, clamps, hangers, washers, and more.

We deliver in-spec and on-time shipments of global packaging solutions across all industries and markets. Our large scale and broad scope delivers low-cost and flexibility.

Our project managers who take ownership and are accountable for every intricate detail of your important program. From design to completion, we are 100% responsible for its success – and yours!   While most other companies fall short, we are truly contract packaging specialists, and you can depend on Sonic Business Solutions to provide all of the following for your next contract packaging or filling project:

• 24 hour turnaround on quote requests
• Package design support using most current trends and technologies
• Fulfillment and third party logistics support for projects requiring back-end warehousing and distribution
• Full turnkey services with local sourcing to save money
• Multiple locations across the US for contract packaging, contract filling and fulfillment to keep projects close
• An inside sales coordinator to quarterback the details and timeline of your project
• An outside account manager to manage the repacking and assembly process to make sure it meets all of the job specifications

Contact us today to find out more about our solutions or request a free quote online.

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