Technical Translation

Sonic Business Solutions provides some of the worlds’ most comprehensive technical translation resources, using translation productivity tools to ensure consistency and to manage production costs. Our extensive management, translation, and publishing resources ensure that we can deliver your projects quickly, and in the format that you need, hence reducing your time to market.

Efficient project management is the first step towards creating really effective technical translations. One of our keys to quality is our ability to build accurate translation terminologies specific to your industry. We offer technical translation of technical documents such as operating procedures, manuals, user guides, and others.  Our highly skilled professional translators are qualified, bilingual native speakers. They are selected based on their experience and areas of expertise. Our thorough selection process ensures we deliver a service that meets with your expectations. This enables us to provide you with the highest possible linguistic quality in a current cultural context. Every project completed by us is double-checked for quality by an editor and a proofreader before we deliver the finished document to you.

• Aerospace;
• Automotive;
• Avionics;
• Civil Engineering and Construction Technology;
• Digital Imaging;
• Electrical Engineering;
• Energy Conservation;
• GSM and Global Radiotelephony;
• Hydraulics;
• Marine Engineering;
• Medical (equipment and hardware);
• Nuclear Power;
• Oil & Gas;
• Optics;
• Patents;
• Science and Physics;
• Telecommunications;
• Television and Broadcasting;
• Water Treatment.

Certified and Notarized Translation
We translate and certify documents to be submitted to official authorities (including USCIS) for legal purposes. Documents are legalized and notarized. We follow the standards for certified translation and guarantee the accuracy.

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