Website Translation and Localization

Website localization or website translation is the process of modifying an existing website to make it accessible, usable and culturally suitable to a target audience. Sonic Business Solutions provides comprehensive website translation services (also known as “website globalization”) for companies who want to publish their website in any language. Whether your site is simple or complex, Sonic Business Solutions will work closely with your authoring, design and development teams to produce however many language versions you require. We can work with you whether you have a content management system or not. Simply provide us with the source files and we will return translated files ready for upload. Sonic Business Solutions will also work to ensure that your website functions correctly for any market in the world.

Sonic Business Solutions has extensive experience utilizing global best practices for the design, development and deployment of multilingual websites. Whether you use conventional web publishing tools and workflows or have the latest web content management system, Sonic Business Solutions works with you to ensure that the language versions of your website are produced in a cost-effective, time-efficient and culturally-correct manner.

Sonic Business Solutions website translation and localization quality control process includes:

Website Localization Analysis
Requirements specification, project engineering analysis, client specific process definition, and scheduling will provide you with accurate costs and timelines required to complete the scope of work.

Translation of Website Content
Ensures the website is translated in a linguistically and culturally appropriate way. Vocabulary, grammar, punctuation, style and level of speech are considered to make sure the language used reflects the target audience’s culture and society.

Localizing Layout and Site Navigation
Translation often affects layout and may require more or less room depending on the target country. Right to left, top to bottom and which pages should be available are important considerations when localizing the website.

Adapting Pictures to the Audience
Cultural messages both subtle and not so subtle can be contained within pictures. Your company or product can unknowingly portray negative connotations that may irritate or even offend viewers. Images need to be carefully reviewed and perhaps adjusted to positively reflect upon your company and messaging.

Localizing Symbols
Symbols like pictures can cause problems in localization. Western symbols can mean different things to an international audience. Fingers, houses and animals often need to be modified when marketing abroad. Obvious items like time and date display, measurement units, currency, numbering systems and fonts are identified and formatted correctly as part of the localization process.

Localization Testing and QA
Sonic Business Solutions provides two types of testing services. Functional testing by our engineers ensures the localized site works just the same as the English version and that the links function properly. Linguistic testing will check the translation in context and verify there is consistency across the website.

Localization Engineering
Sonic Business Solutions uses the latest technology to provide localization engineering solutions. We have the capability in-house to work with just about any technology in use on the web. Our localization engineering team is experienced in a variety of web based applications and formats including (.asp, .html, .dhtm, .php). All file types are carefully analyzed, prepared for translation, and engineered with the best possible consideration for time and quality.

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